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News to know: The first blockchain for Corals and Cameos

Called “Made in Torre del Greco”, it is the first collective brand around which the entire supply chain of this territory gathers and will be presented today by Assocoral in collaboration with ITA

  • Vincenzo Aucella

    Vincenzo Aucella

At Vicenzaoro, from 2.30 to 3.30 pm on the Main Stage in Hall 7, Assocoral President Vincenzo Aucella will be giving a preview of the first "Made in Torre del Greco" collective brand together with Carlo Maria Ferro, President of ITA (Italian Trade Agency), moderated by Steven Tranquilli, Director of Federpreziosi Confcommercio. «We have long felt the need for structure, for updating the Torre del Greco brand and laying the foundations so that, in the future, our territory and its products will be promoted in the way they deserve,» explains Aucella. «We wanted to look at all those involved in the sector, from the cameo and coral craftsman themselves to the brand, to those who buy and those who sell, in order to give answers to all every category. This new brand addresses a number of elements that are missing in our sector, because Torre del Greco is unique. Our corals and cameos identify a territory, they are the forging elements of our culture and history. We had reached a point where the need for a guarantee certificate for corals and cameos, as is already the case for other sectors such as diamonds for example, had become imperative. With the creation of this first blockchain, we are finally institutionalizing a system, thanks to an online information portal through which members will be able to upload their product, complete with all the information needed to guarantee its authenticity. From here, the system will then generate a QR code that will accompany the product all the way to the end consumer. For us, this project is a momentous step through which we are finally able to respond to a pressing market need. We want "Made in Torre del Greco" to become Torre del Greco’s hallmark of excellence and guarantee a globally unique certificate.»

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