Not Just Multi-size

Transformable earrings and pendants complete Serafino Consoli's two iconic collections - Brevetto Collection and Serafino Collection. For a guaranteed wow effect

Multi-size ring and ring-bracelet. These are Serafino Consoli’s two iconic products, but thinking that the world of this brand which, in less than a decade, has managed to bring much more than a revolutionary concept to high jewelry, has ended there, is a big mistake. In fact, both the Brevetto and Serafino Collections include a series of other pieces to complete the line, always under the banner of versatility. Just like the multi-size ring that covers 25 sizes and the ring that becomes a bracelet with a click, earrings and pendants can also be modified with a simple gesture, extending and giving that “double vision” typical of Serafino Consoli creations. The result is that, with a single movement, earrings and pendants transform, changing your daytime look into an evening look with more intriguing and elongated lines. And all with the possibility of total customization, from the choice of gold - white, pink and yellow - to the precious stones, with white or black diamonds. Small gestures that do, however, have a profound significance: everything changes in an instant: where earlier there was a “classic” element, astonishment and novelty are created, adding that fresh and never predictable touch of contemporaneity that gives character.

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