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Piero Milano: The Winning Strategy for the Chinese Market

Consolidating its presence in the dynamic Chinese market: this is the challenge won by Piero Milano with the strategic opening of some key digital platforms in China

The Chinese market is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing in the world, with a strong inclination towards e-commerce and the adoption of digital technologies. A real opportunity for jewellery brands that want to grow and consolidate their brand awareness. In this context, Piero Milano has been able to stand out thanks to a well thought-out and targeted internationalisation strategy. "Given the established and positive reputation of our brand in the Chinese market and the growing demand recorded during the last editions of the HKCEC, we decided to open our social media channels to the Chinese public. A decision that has allowed the brand to present its flagship collections, such as Goa, Rialto and Fuji, more directly and effectively to an increasingly large and demanding audience on key platforms such as Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book), WeChat and Weibo. "These channels are not just means of communication, but true digital ecosystems that integrate e-commerce and product marketing. In fact, these platforms make it possible to reach a wide and diverse audience and offer sophisticated tools for consumer interaction and engagement. "On Xiaohongshu, we share engaging visual content that tells the story of our collections, highlighting the craftsmanship and expertise that underpin our production, creating an emotional connection with consumers. Through WeChat, with its messaging and digital payment features, we offer a smooth and personalised shopping experience. Our presence on Weibo, on the other hand, facilitates the visibility and searchability of our brand online, improving accessibility for Chinese consumers. This is an exemplary way of maximising the potential of the Chinese market by adopting an innovative and customer-centric digital strategy. The approach chosen by Piero Milano has not only strengthened the brand's presence in China, but has also created new opportunities for growth and development, consolidating Piero Milano's reputation as a leader in luxury and high quality craftsmanship.

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