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Piero Milano: Tradition Upgrades with Technology

Efficiency and high quality are the keywords for Fall at Piero Milano

The strength of a brand and its ability to respond to the desires of those who favor it do not entirely depend on the beauty of the jewelry and the excellence of its workmanship, but also on a series of lengthy design processes involving both traditional manufacturing and the use of innovative technologies. Something that Piero Milano bears well in mind. Loved for its history, design and the values it has upheld since 1953, the Valenza-based brand has experienced an exponential increase in demand over the past year. A trend that, although positive, has required the right strategies to maintain high productivity and guarantee product quality: from the creation of a new B2B platform appropriately structured to offer a customized shopping experience that recalls traditional retail purchasing, to the creation of an increasingly engaging multimedia storytelling and significant investments aimed at technological innovation. «For the past year, we have been the proud owners of the prestigious De Beers Group's diamond screening device: a truly high-performance detection tool that allows us to efficiently test large quantities of finished jewelry and loose diamonds with the lowest referral rate of any device in the industry. Batch analysis and quality control are crucial steps for us as they allow us to ascertain that they correspond to the requirements and parameters of our retailers, as well as to Piero Milano standards. Moreover, the rare fact that we have our own integrated production plant and the use of cutting-edge technical-instrumental equipment, such as Synth Detect, contribute to ensuring, in terms of efficiency, the high standards of quality and craftsmanship for which we have always stood out and which allow us to offer the market a unique finished product.»

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