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Preziosa Makers: 30 Artists and Artisans on Show

The Stables at Palazzo Corsini in Florence will be staging the exhibition-event, part of Florence Jewelry Week’s full program, from 18th April to 1st May

  • Liu Chia Yu

    Liu Chia Yu

From 23rd April to 1st May, Florence will be hosting a series of inter-linked events all centered on craftsmanship and quality Made-in-Florence. From 23rd April onwards, Fortezza da Basso will be the setting for the International Craftsmanship Trade Fair (MIDA), whose format will include “Fuori MIDA”, an “Off Show” experience and a popular way of involving the rest of the city with meetings, exhibitions and workshops. Florence Jewelry Week is part of this context. Held from 28th April to 1st May the program will include Preziosa Makers, the first official, free event at “Fuori MIDA”. The Stables at the prestigious Palazzo Corsini, one of the icons of high aristocracy and an architectural jewel in Tuscany's capital, will host 20 different exhibition spaces, a perfect "container" for the creative expressions of some of the most appreciated artists, craftsmen, architects and designers. Preziosa Makers is a project generated by collaboration between LAO - Le Arti Orafe, organiser of the FJW, and Artigianato e Palazzo, that aims to offer numerous creative people the chance to present their products: the exhibition is open to the public of admirers and possible buyers who will be able to speak directly with the artisans. Around 30 goldsmiths from all over the world will be in attendance, selected on the basis of the innovation, research and originality of their work, presented at both individual and collective exhibitions.

  • Alisi Gioielli

    Alisi Gioielli

  • Associazioni Reechanting

    Associazioni Reechanting

  • Domenico Baccellieri

    Domenico Baccellieri

  • Back Eugenia

    Back Eugenia

  • Battaglia Stella

    Battaglia Stella

  • Calamai Marina

    Calamai Marina

  • Canu Giovanna

    Canu Giovanna

  • Ciabattari Benedetta

    Ciabattari Benedetta

  • Filippo Sanpaolesi

    Filippo Sanpaolesi

  • Forte Laura

    Forte Laura

  • Gioielli Donati

    Gioielli Donati

  • Hopkins Stacy Flying Fox Bat

    Hopkins Stacy Flying Fox Bat

  • Lutkemeyer Dorthe

    Lutkemeyer Dorthe

  • Mo Francesca

    Mo Francesca

  • Rocco Maddalena

    Rocco Maddalena

  • Sances Roberta

    Sances Roberta

  • Vincenzo Alessio

    Vincenzo Alessio

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