Profit, People, Planet: Better Silver’s 3 “Ps”

Sustainability is a constant commitment for Better Silver, the Italian company that has, since the very beginning, adhered to principles linked to one of today’s most topical themes

Profit, people, planet: these are the three cornerstones on which Better Silver has built its commitment to sustainability over the years. According to the company, which has always had close ties with its territory, sustainability embraces several aspects, as CEO Paolo Bettinardi tells us. «Sustainability is extremely important and something that the company has always paid great attention to since its very foundation. Profit is Better Silver’s main propellant in the sense of investing them to create new opportunities, more jobs and to innovate. People are just as important: we have a workforce of craftsmen which is what really determines our success, we love to cultivate their talent and to create the best working conditions. And then there is the environment, or rather, respect for our planet. We are located among beautiful countryside, surrounded by streams and fields. Our family has always lived here. It’s in our DNA. For us, sustainability has always rhymed with responsibility, even in years when the topic was not so forceful as today. We have received a lot from our territory and we feel that it is our duty to give something back, repay what we were given.» Four years ago, Better Silver, famous for being one of the leading productive partners in the silver sector, was the first to obtain SA8000 certification, a qualification devised by the Social Accountability International (SAI) to define global standards for workers’ rights and workplace conditions. Adopting the principles means considering the social impact that a company’s activities have in addition to the conditions in which the employees, partners and suppliers operate. Better Silver is also a member of the RJC, the sustainable development and corporate responsibility program that requires compliance to the “Code of Practice” (COP), a regulation that establishes responsible on an ethical, social and environmental level as well as human right protection aspects, which has included the silver supply chain since 2019. Further proof of the constant commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. «Doing business in Italy means having an authentic awareness of these aspects» Paolo Bettinardi continues. «The process that we began several years ago is continually evolving and urges us to achieve increasingly more ambitious objectives. Within 2021, we are set on achieving three that are dear to us. The first is to eventually only buy recycled metal through a selected chain of suppliers. The second regards using electricity exclusively from renewable sources. The third is to increase our employees’ training hours by 100%.»

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