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Pura and Astra: the Two New Collections by Crieri and Poesia

For a range of jewelry that goes from micro-items with decidedly smart lines and prices, to the most coveted fancy diamonds.

Essential yet, at the same time, bewitching with the elegant and sophisticated shapes of fancy diamond cuts. We are talking about Pura, the latest collection by Crieri, which, for this new entry, has focused on the purity of the stones and even higher quality than the standards that the brand normally adopts, placing all its bets on the purity of the gems. Only fancy cuts then, pear, navette, emerald and oval, besides the inevitable diamond, following what Alessandro Saracino and his team of designers will be a real seasonal trend. Here the design expresses a strong desire for minimal lines, a concept that does not, however, allude to anything meager but, instead, a high quality in the finishings and details that, thanks to the idea of ‘less is more’ are even more evident. A popular trend that, well in line with Crieri’s character, draws inspiration from the classic while adding life with contemporary and unexpected elements, unencumbered by any kind of passing fad, like, for example, the color-contrasting between the white gold stem and the pink gold points of the setting. Two of the shades available together with white and rosé gold, rigorously 18 ct. 

18 ct gold but with decidedly more affordable stones, however, feature in the Astra collection, the latest star created under the Poesia trademark. A smart brand, both in style and price, that aims at a younger target by offering complete jewelry lines at an entry price of just €240 for rings, €330 for solitaires and with a core price of around €400. Accessible luxury, precious yet discreet, but which, in this case too, goes for the less obvious detail, like the never conventional but ever-present diamond shaped settings. Astra is an invitation to play with different pieces, one on top of the other, even worn in sets for the sake of personalization: similar yet different rings, one for each finger on the hand, in a unique sequence every time. All with a wide range of precious gems: white diamonds, rubies, sapphires and tsavorites. Micro in size (and price) but never in value.

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