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Rainbow: Serafino Consoli’s Play on Color

The Brevetto and Serafino Collections are tinged with pink, yellow and blue sapphires. In a crescendo of colors that emphasize the movements and transformations of the Multi-size Ring and Ring-Bracelet

What could be more mysterious than a rainbow appearing in the sky? That slow and almost miraculous juxtaposition of colors that form an evanescent arc among the clouds until it slowly fades away, vanishing as if carried away by the wind. All that was missing was this last piece, color, to make the Multi-size Ring and Ring-Bracelet - respectively cult pieces of Serafino Consoli’s Brevetto and Serafino collections - even more memorable, giving them that “wow effect.” Yes, because while the simple act of adapting a ring to any size or transforming it into a bracelet is amazing in itself, it is even more so if the white diamonds set among those thousands of links that perform the 'magic', are exchanged for pink, violet, blue, green, yellow and orange sapphires, all the shades of the iris, just like a rainbow. And Rainbow is, in fact, the name of this new line, an aesthetic concept applied to both collections. The movement that triggers the game of a change in form and function becomes even more refined thanks to the varying hues. When the links tighten, the colors become more intense, when they widen, the yellow, pink, light and dark blue become deeper, fully charged.

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