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Serafino Consoli Colors Las Vegas

The Made in Italy brand takes Brevetto and Serafino, its two iconic collections, in the multicolored version of Rainbow to Couture

In the city of a thousand lights where everything becomes a spectacle, Serafino Consoli is displaying all the colors of the most precious stones in a pageant of nuances that become more intense or delicate thanks to the magic of its Multi-size Ring and Ring-Bracelet. An open-close game made possible by dozens of links and thousands of soldering points that form the basis of Brevetto and Serafino, the brand's two best-selling collections, technological and engineering inventions both covered by an international patent. The Multi-size Ring has led to a little-big revolution in the jewelry world: it is the only ring that can change size with a single gesture, covering all 30 possible measurements and making the jewel adaptable to any finger and hand, from the mother's to the daughter's or, why not, even the father's, especially in the version with black diamonds. The Ring-Bracelet, however, is the item that, again with a simple gesture, transforms a ring into a bracelet, creating a surprise effect that inspired Ivan Consoli, founder of the brand, to coin the "That's Wow!" claim that has since become a trade name.

Both Brevetto and Serafino come complete with earrings and pendants that are also transformable so that a daytime look can become an evening look with more intriguing and elongated lines. And all with the possibility of total customization, from the choice of gold - white, pink and yellow - to the precious stones, with white or black diamonds. Magic, then, that in the Rainbow line of both collections is accentuated by the sapphires proposed in all the colors of the rainbow, from yellow to pink, turquoise and dark blue.

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