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Serafino Consoli: Giving Emotions

This is the concept at the heart of Serafino Consoli, which, through its multi-size ring and ring-bracelet, aims to amaze with an immediate “wow effect.”

The fundamental philosophy of a brand is everything and Ivan Consoli is well aware of this. Ever since the foundation of the company that bears his father’s name, Serafino Consoli, he decided to inscribe the brand with the concept behind every choice the creative team makes: “That's Wow”, alluding to the surprise effect that the jewelry of the two main collections instils. Two lines so innovative that they were just perfect for launching and then imposing on the market with a series of best sellers: first and foremost, the multi-size ring from the Brevetto Collection, which can be worn from 1 to 30 sizes without any modification, and then the ring-bracelet from the Serafino Collection, which changes the item’s function. No longer a preciousness “limited” to the raw material, gold, and the purest diamonds, but an added value that, by transforming it into another piece of jewelry, makes it unique.

«We make everything in-house, with total, all-round manufacturing,» says Ivan Consoli, founder of the brand. «The know-how we apply originates from and is thanks to our team, which gives us an additional emotional boost. Added to this is the awareness of having a significantly consolidated reputation, which means we can boast market recognition. Our iconic collections, Serafino and Brevetto, continue to give us best sellers and even small variations on the theme constitute big news, which immediately creates rumors. This was the case, for example, with Rainbow, the colored version of both collections, which has already been a great success. Adding pink, yellow and blue sapphires enhances the movements and transformations of the multi-size ring and the ring-bracelet, which are emphasized by mounting various shades of colored stones instead of white diamonds.»

Ivan Consoli and his team look forward to seeing you at Jewellery Ginevra, from 27th March to 2nd April at Hotel President, Wilson Room HP 203

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