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Serafino Consoli in Competition for the Couture Awards

Appointment from 29th May to 2nd June at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas to discover all the Made in Italy haute joaillerie brand’s new entries

With its curvy silhouette, the Wynn Hotel is one of the symbols of Las Vegas, just as Serafino Consoli is one of the most iconic brands of Made in Italy haute joaillerie due to its internationally patented creations. The Couture event, which, from 29th May and 2nd June, will attract thousands of exhibitors, buyers and jewelry-oriented media to Nevada and the “city that never sleeps”, will provide the perfect opportunity for the Italian company, already a repeat attendee and regular at this important trade show, to preview its new communication initiatives developed specifically for the US market. Moreover, the company will also be making an important show up by participating in the Couture Awards in the Color Gemstone category with a special model from the Serafino Collection made in pastel shades of sapphires.

With a quick rewind, we can say that, in less than ten years, Serafino Consoli's climb to success has made an absolutely unique way of making jewelry recognizable, as only engineering and technological inventions capable of revolutionizing a sector can do. Inventions that, at their debut, always arouse an expression of amazement and surprise, almost of disbelief, summed up by that “Wow!”, something that Ivan Consoli, the brand's founder, purposefully wanted to initially have as a recurring communication claim, “That's wow!”, and then the “company name”, which is still behind the Serafino Consoli brand today.

The Brevetto and Serafino collections, centered respectively on the Multisize Ring and the Bracelet Ring, have exactly that surprise effect. They were the first to introduce the concept of multi-size and multi-functionality to the jewelry world: Brevetto's ring, bracelet, pendant and earrings change size and dimensions with a simple gesture, while in Serafino, even the function changes from ring to bracelet and vice versa.

For those who wish for a first-hand experience of the “magic” of these moving jewels, the appointment is at Couture Booth 828 at the Wynn Hotel.

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