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Serafino Consoli: Italian Genius Takes Shape

With the Brevetto and Serafino Collections, the brand that has hand-crafted jewelry for 60 years, offers multi-sized items that can be transformed with a gesture

What could be more precious and exclusive than uniqueness? A concept that, combined with craftsmanship, generates small masterpieces that can rightly be defined as "priceless". Because priceless is the work of genius that has led to the international registration of the two collections that best identify the Serafino Consoli brand; a brand that has been bringing Made in Italy craftsmanship to the world for over 60 years. The first of these is the Brevetto Collection, whose name already bears the mark of its uniqueness: rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants are, in fact, the first and only multi-size jewelry which can be adapted to any size and requirement with a simple gesture.

The Serafino Collection, on the other hand, is a jewelry collection that can change according to the wearer's emotions. Slight pressure is enough to turn a ring into a bracelet and vice versa. Two lines that encapsulate years of study and design by a team of master goldsmiths and engineers who, together, have given shape to the dream of making an item of jewelry even more special. With a guaranteed "wow effect".

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