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Tavanti: The Essenza and Armonia Collections

A perfect circle and a warm heart define the character of Essenza and Armonia, the two collections proposed by Tavanti, to impeccably accompany every outfit

Essence and Harmony: two words that refer to philosophical concepts, inextricably linked to the well-being of all and to a particularly desirable aesthetic imagery, which Tavanti has adopted to name two iconic collections with intrinsic value.

Always dedicated to the creation of refined and contemporary accessories, declined in yellow gold, natural gems and diamonds, the Tuscan brand plays with geometric shapes, symbols and colors, to give life to a series of original jewels, characterized by a pure and exclusive design. The perfection of the circle defines the 18-karat gold profiles of the Essenza models, while a heart is the symbol chosen to personalize the Armonia line.

Versatile and designed to be perfectly matched, the jewels of both collections exhibit a series of natural stones rich in intense reflections, such as the bright green of Malachite, the crystalline water color of Turquoise, the snowy white of Kogolong and ultramarine blue of Lapis lazuli, but each piece is also available in the full pave or plain gold version with diamonds, thus becoming the possible precious accomplice of every look.

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