The Game of Thrones Egg by Fabergé

A new art work Fabergé pays tribute to the modern-day legend Game of Thrones series

Fabergé has just launched a new one-of-a-kind egg object, the result of a special collaboration with Michele Clapton, costume designer of Game of Thrones. The work is a real tribute to the famous TV series. «I was thrilled when I heard about the idea of collaborating with Michele Clapton and creating a Game of Thrones Egg. It was such an epic series with a captivating storyline and visually stunning imagery. It was a perfect fit for inspiring a modern Fabergé egg. I enjoyed thoroughly working with Michele, and I love the world of costumes she created for Game of Thrones. There is something wild yet sophisticated in her style and when combined with precious materials and work of highly skilled jewelers, the result is very special and beautiful» said Liisa Tallgren, designer at Fabergé. Handcrafted in 18k white gold with meticulously hand painted scales with enamel, the fascinating object opens into three sections, representing Daenerys' dragons: Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. Several precious stones were chosen to characterize the special goldsmith workings of the object, such as diamonds, moonstones and intense red Gemfields rubies.

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