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The Giove Collection by Tavanti

Wild, sensual, romantic or bold. Four precious stones for four shades of wearable character

Choosing a color to wear is never an end unto itself. Not for a dress nor for the jewelry selected to embellish the outfit. That's why Tavanti's Giove collection focuses on stones with decisive hues, able to express a woman's character and subtleties. There is the green of malachite, which interprets a totally positive mood, inspired by the world of Nature, ideal for those with a wild and free spirit. Then there is lapis lazuli, the stone of sensuality, defined by Buddhists as one of the seven treasures to be guarded like a dream because the woman who chooses its blue, speckled with star-bright motes, is dreamy and attracted to the unknown and the infinite space of the sky. Ethereal and delicate mother-of-pearl, on the other hand, looks to a sweet, romantic personality with subtle tones, who only likes to display her elegance. Lastly, onyx, a stone as decisive and full of energy as its wearer, in a perfect balance between inner strength and the surrounding world. The colors of the stones become the colors of the character of each one of us, to be flaunted either with the complete set or with individual items, including chokers, long necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings and earrings, the latter of which can also be worn with a diamond clip.

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