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The Jewelry Atelier: World Diamond Group’s New “Only One” Concept

The rarest and most beautiful colored stones in the world for unique and unrepeatable creations

A ruby or, why not, a fancy, pink, yellow, orange, purple or blue, heart-cut diamond. Exceptional shapes and colors, rarities on rarities, to create an exclusive jewel. This is what happens at World Diamond Group every day: the magical creation of extraordinary combinations by exceptional artisan workmanship and studied design, starting from rare and unusual raw materials. With over thirty years’ experience in selecting quality stones, resulting in the creation of collections with a decisive personality, the only thing missing was a specific project for the “best of”. The Jewelry Atelier is, therefore, a world apart, where only one diamond in 10,000 comes into play. With the same sartorial dedication as a high-fashion workshop, here the essence of a desire is filtered and transformed into reality: those who aspire to owning a special jewelry item, know that it can actually happen here, donating indescribable sensations that only the knowledge of having an unrepeatable, globally unique object can give. An “only one” that gets itself noticed, that stands out due to style and quality, with the addition of that intangible added value of the emotions it evokes in the wearer and those admiring it. Rare beauty born from “imperfect” gems that owe their highly particular color shades to the earth that safeguarded them for millions of years until they could become the main focus of collector items created exclusively on request.


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