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The Latest from Art&sofT at Vicenzaoro

Danilo Alagi, CEO of Art&sofT, talks about several important new entries that the creative agency will be presenting at the new edition of Vicenzaoro

« Our aim is to keep our clients constantly updated regarding the latest technologies and the most advanced working methods. In future, we want to take the digital experience to a higher level,» said Art&sofT CEO Danilo Alagi in an interview with VO+, speaking about the mission of the digital agency, which operates in the marketing and technology sector to offer customized management and communication projects adapted to the high standards of high-end. This objective is gaining ever-increasing ground nowadays and Art&sofT is ready to present some important new entries at the next edition of Vicenzaoro to be held from 17th to 21st March 2022. «By working closely with clients, from big brands to small jewelry stores, we are able to further enrich our software - XOX Xtraordinary Xperience - with new solutions. This time, however, the innovation is not so much in new functionality as in how the program is implemented, which not only simplifies but also considerably speeds up installation and customization. We are now able to install and customize our web-based application at any jewelry store in just a few days,» Alagi explained. The software he is referring to offers an integrated management experience made up of interconnected tools, which, thanks to new dynamic interfaces, can be adapted to the needs of each individual customer simply by choosing the desired functionality. «We are now able to get medium-sized shops up and running in less than a week, whereas it used to take months.» After the lockdowns of recent years, the agency has seen an increased need on the part of jewelers to have digital support for their management and commercial activities. « Jewelers are asking for more. Those who are structured already start out with clear ideas, while those who are becoming structured see the potential and make timely requests. The key points are warehouse management, which is shared between physical and online; increased attention to customer profiling, which should not be taken for granted, and detailed sales statistics.» Art&sofT responds to these needs, which belong exclusively to the jewelry sector, with ad hoc solutions: «The big difference in software designed by someone who knows the sector is that it coordinates all aspects, so that, for example, when a piece of jewelry arrives that may be suitable for a certain customer, it is immediately reported. The uniqueness lies in the fact that the jeweler’s customer care is extremely personal and involves a great deal of discretion. What makes the difference is not offering a standard product, but being able to parameterize everything. Our idea,» concluded Alagi, «is to have a specific application that not only fulfils the most varied needs, but also always has room for new developments, and we will be illustrating all of this at Vicenzaoro.»

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