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The Limited Edition x 007 by Fabergé

The first two pieces of this capsule collection inspired by the world's legendary and most famous secret agent are called Octopussy Egg Objet and Egg Surprise Locket


The mystery of Fabergé eggs and the allure of James Bond come together in a Capsule Collection that already has the strength of a collectable in its DNA. Fabergé x 007 Limited Edition Octopussy, inspired by the eponymous 1983 film based on the series about the most famous special agent on the silver screen, is now debuting with two special artistic creations, Octopussy Egg Objet and Egg Surprise Locket. Designed over seven long months by the company’s head of design Liisa Tallgren, and supervised by creative director Josina von dem Bussche-Kessell, the design of these pieces represents the meeting point between past, present and future.



Handmade by 12 specialists, the Octopussy Egg has been produced in only 50 numbered pieces. It is 8.4 cm high, made in 18-carat yellow gold and hand-painted in a rich green enamel, carefully selected for its resemblance to the enamel used on the Fabergé egg from the film Octopussy. Underneath the enamel is Fabergé's signature guilloché accompanied by an intricate artwork of engraved octopus tentacles enveloping the egg. What makes this small object unique is the highly specialized technique that requires absolute precision and patience and a whole week's work. The piece comes complete with a support on which the egg is mounted, reminiscent of the Fabergé egg shown in the film, studded with white diamonds and blue sapphires. The center of the egg features an extremely beautiful, golden 007 logo which, when pressed, gives access to a “secret chamber”, typical of these creations, wherein lies the usual “surprise”. The egg opens to reveal an 18-carat, yellow gold octopus nestled inside, adorned with white diamond suckers and black diamond eyes. A further tribute to the cult film but also to Peter Carl Fabergé, renowned for his bizarre animal studies, created both as pendants and as hard stone ornaments. Emphasizing the specific characteristics of each subject also gave them distinctive personalities. Fabergé used to combine hard stones with precious metals and gems, perfectly integrating them to create miniature works of art. A concept echoed to perfection by this octopus, a true masterpiece to add to Monsieur Fabergé's bestiary.

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