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The Precious Tattoos, signed Akillis

From the Maori to high jewelry. Akillis evokes the value of tribal culture in a collection of jewels destined to become a precious second skin

What do tattoos and jewelry have in common? The answer is in the new Tattoo collection by Akillis. Fascinated by the tribal culture of the Maori warriors, which considers the tattoo an artistic expression of its strongest, the designer Caroline Gaspard immersed herself in their world, with the aim of identifying the intersection of two aesthetics which, although distinct, can be united by a common moral foundation. The result is a bold and captivating collection, made up of 12 new models, declined in 20 styles of different materials and prices, to represent all the factors that determine the creation of a real tattoo: your desires, your tastes, critical events. of life but above all the uniqueness of each person, men and women. The jewels evoke the authentic Maori style through the ethno-rock design typical of Akillis. Lines, symbols and curves intersect with each other, to become one with the shapes and muscles of the body, but at the same time preserve intrinsic messages. The triangle, for example - a figure that is now part of the brand's DNA - symbolizes the tenacity belonging to the oceanic people and is proposed with black diamond motifs and hollowed out shark teeth. In addition to their originality and determination, these jewels testify to the great savoir-faire of the brand. In order for each piece to give the effect of a precious second skin, in fact, refined craftsmanship techniques have been used. The maxi necklace in black and white gold - a highlight of the collection, is a true example of avant-garde engineering. Crossed with a "ethno-rock" sensuality, it is characterized by a tight dialogue of curves, swirls and geometric edges, which creates a movement similar to that of a breaking wave - in this case on the base of the neck. The black and white diamonds that adorn it, add an unexpected and luxurious touch. These are high quality gems, custom made through a meticulous process: each one is molded into unique shapes, to create extraordinarily precise mirrored surfaces.

The collection is available at  The Brian&Barry Building  - Via Durini 28, Milán 20122 - +39 02 92853302

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