The Quality that Conquers

From a hub of Made in Italy in the heart of Manhattan to comforting data from the luxury world that inspire optimism, despite the international situation. These are some of the innovations that emerged on the third day of Vicenzaoro

One of the main new entries at this edition by IEG Italian Exhibition Group of Vicenzaoro was “Piazza Italia. Stronger Together”, a project conceived by Dennis Ulrich, former CEO of the Richline Group, and Alberto Milano, President of the Italy- America Chamber of Commerce, who yesterday presented their business model aimed at the United States, which focuses on evolution, innovation and connection for the re-start. Basically, it is a hub of Made in Italy in the heart of Manhattan, in a prestigious location at no. 11 East 44th Street, where, as of today, fashion, accessories, design and, obviously, jewelry brands can find a dedicated networking and co-working space. The concept of “stronger together” echoes the “All at once” coined by IEG Italian Exhibition Group to describe the mood of this edition, which is drawing to a close and already outlining some important guidelines for the entire industry. In addition to this new overseas initiative, which will allow Italian companies to look at the American market with a greater awareness of the opportunities to be seized, there was also much talk at the Show of cooperation between institutions and companies in training future generations of artisans for the sector with, on the one hand, Fondazione Mani Intelligenti and its well-established activities, including the new Artisans Acceleration Program project, and on the other, the Annual Meeting of Rete TAM (Textiles, Clothing, Fashion), which currently involves 90 technical and vocational secondary schools throughout Italy. The choice of Vicenzaoro as the location for the event can be summed up in the words of Roberto Peverelli, President of Rete TAM: «There is a wealth of knowledge and different skills that are difficult to see from the outside and our aim is to devise a training model in which technique is linked to a more creative aspect because, without a strong technique, creativity is not plausible. For some time now, we have been looking at the whole world linked to Confindustria Moda, which is not necessarily related to textiles, and our presence at Vicenzaoro responds precisely to our desire to open up to the world of gold and jewelry with which we would like to begin to communicate and forge a more synergic relationship. » Another luxury segment in the spotlight at the Vicenza Jewellery Boutique Show is watchmaking, thanks to the new VO'Clock Privé format. Yesterday's panels included an extremely interesting talk with Mario Peserico, President of Assorologi, who reported on the turnover of wristwatches in Italy in 2021, which amounted to about 1.86 billion Euro, an increase of 23% compared to 2020 (1.51 billion Euro). Extremely positive figures which were joined by those elaborated by Bain & Company: after the considerable drop recorded in 2020, the luxury personal goods sector has rapidly regained ground with a growth of 29% at current exchange rates, reaching 283 billion Euros. This trend is destined to continue, with a growth potential that, by 2025, could reach a volume of €360-380 billion. Against this backdrop, a new challenge for luxury markets has emerged in recent weeks that still has to play out and is linked to Russian consumers, who account for around 2-3% of the total luxury goods market (around €7 billion), with a similar impact on the personal luxury goods segment (accessories, clothing, hard luxury and beauty).

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