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The Secrets of Falcinelli Italy

Unexpected architectures that, inside rings and necklaces, reveal messages of love. This is the strong point of the historic Arezzo-based company’s new SS 22 collection

The eternal, highly seductive game of “now I see / now I don’t” enters the world of jewelry and does so by becoming the protagonist of one of Falcinelli Italy's two new Spring/Summer collections. Called Secrets, the "secrets" it conceals are messages hidden inside rings and necklaces. “I love you” or “Sweetheart” engraved in gold, which can be opened and read with a simple gesture, inside a ring or pendant made, so to speak, in layers. Precious stones, such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds, or even malachite, black onyx and white mother-of-pearl, provide touches of color that play on contrast, not only in color but also in different thicknesses and heights, forming unexpected architectures. A modus agendi that is also a trademark. Designer Fabrizio Falcinelli has always, or rather, since 1968 when the family business was founded in Arezzo, worked, and continues to do so even now, on his creations within the Gold Art srl group from which the brand was acquired, engaged in continuously experimenting with new shapes, proportions and stone cuts, exploring the infinite facets of the goldsmith's art and touching on inspirations from Tuscan culture and tradition, which have now become contemporary masterpieces.

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