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The Vicenza Symposium Came to Vicenzaoro in 2025

The format of IEG’s new jewelry agenda event, scheduled for September 2025, is being finalized. The target includes 150 world experts to stimulate the sector’s technological evolution

  •  Massimo Poliero, Presidente e CEO di Legor

    Massimo Poliero, Presidente e CEO di Legor

With 34 editions behind it, 25th May 2022 marked the end of what had already been announced as the last Santa Fe Symposium, an event that the jewelry industry’s insiders had learnt to appreciate in its three decades of activity. A “void” that Damiano Zito, CEO of Xolutions/Progold, and Massimo Poliero, President and CEO of Legor did not hesitate to fill by suggesting that IEG, the natural interlocutor given the leadership of T.GOLD and increasing centrality of Vicenza in the jewelry industry, should co-plan an “response” to the historic, but shelved, conference. And so, the idea of The Vicenza Symposium was conceived and will be making its debut from 2nd to 4th September 2025, prior to Vicenzaoro September. A collaboration that stems from the desire to push ever harder on technological evolution and on that innovation that has always been at the heart of all IEG events. The focus will be on the scientific aspect, with no commercial implications, with the most authoritative experts called upon to share know-how and best practices and facilitate the progress of the entire industry. The target audience will include entrepreneurs, scholars and trade associations with the aim of bringing 150 participants from all over the world to Vicenza. Where will it take place? In a building in Vicenza’s historic center, which for three days will become the hub of global high tech applied to jewelry and the fashion and luxury segments.

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