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The Zodiac Signs, by Orit Elhanati

“Star Sign Poetry” is the latest collection by Orit Elhanati celebrating the twelve signs of the zodiac with exquisite gold and diamond creations

Nordic lightness on the one hand and Middle Eastern warmth and energy on the other. These are the two components in the creative DNA of Orit Elhanati, born in Tel Aviv but with her professional upbringing in Copenhagen. It was here, in 2011, that she founded her brand, characterized by minimal and organic collections and handmade pieces crafted in the atelier in recycled 18kt gold and treated with ancient techniques such as hammer- ing, burning and dripping on which precious stones are grafted. Orit has collaborated with numerous designers since its inception: with US womenswear brand Khaite to create a col- lection inspired by Art Deco, with Danish glass artist Helle Mardahl to design a collection of jewelry boxes, and most recently with New York-based sculptor Conie Vallese, focusing on art pieces and wearables. Star Sign Poetry, a new entry available exclusively on Mr Porter and Elhanati.com, comprises twelve necklaces with zodiac signs in 18kt yellow gold and diamonds.

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