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Vicenzaoro Highlights, January 2023: Doing is Knowing

Craftsmanship, the ability to do business and to keep up with the times, in design and innovation. These are the acknowledged skills of Made in Italy jewelry, the star player at Vicenzaoro together with top international companies

The high-tech aspect of Vicenzaoro is now a prevalent skill of the Boutique Show organized by Italian Exhibition Group, which, earlier than any other event, has been able to grasp the innovative aspect that the sector, despite being extraordinarily ancient  and brimming with tradition, increasingly knows how to express every day,  evolving from every angle, in production, communication and business. In particular, Sunday in Vicenza is  usually the day dedicated to the Jewellery Technology Forum, the regular  appointment held as part of T.Gold and organized in collaboration by Italian Exhibition Group and Legor Group SpA. A moment that usually sees a team of European and overseas experts take turns on stage to address  various jewelry industry topics. For example, at yesterday's JTF, the 18th edition to date, production issues related  to the use of certain materials were dis- cussed as well as the latest in digital  offerings, such as the NFT or virtual  version of pieces made by independ- ent companies or designers. A melting pot of innovation and futuristic ideas in the making is also the Start-Up &  Carats project, now at its fifth appearance on the Vicenza scene. Created  from a close collaboration between ITA – Italian Trade Agency - and  IEG, it is credited with grouping, under one label, the jewelry scene’s most  digital-oriented realities specialized  in prototyping and production, precious stone diagnostics, data analysis,  web-based point-of-sale management and so on. Input and solutions sure to appeal to the 1,300 companies and hundreds of international buyers and visitors, as well as the young school students in attendance at the show yesterday, “special” guests of the Open Day organized by IEG and with the  proactive participation of Confindustria Federorafi and the Province of  Vicenza. And what better way to make the goldsmith's profession, which certainly involves enormous manual dexterity and steadiness as well as an undisputed creative fascination, more appealing than to physically see its most dynamic and futuristic aspects?  This is just one of the many other initiatives activated recently by the parties  involved, Federorafi in primis, to stimulate young people's interest in the sector, which is in need of new lifeblood in  the order of thousands. In fact, a recent study calculated that there will soon be a shortage of around 30-40,000 workers in the various branches of craftsmanship, a generational gap that risks creating an enormous hole in the companies' ability to respond to the overproduction generated by this flourishing moment for the sector and that forecasts give as a constant from now and over the next few years. In conclusion, all that remains is to  start from several globally recognized truths that are now part of our  entrepreneurial and creative DNA: «Artisan know-how has always been  an essential element of Italian jewelry’s value proposition,» said Stefano  Micelli, Professor of Economics and Business Management at Ca' Foscari  University in Venice, speaking at Vicenzaoro. «Italian companies, leading  brands as well as small enterprises, have been able to rely on this distinctive  factor which has made Italian production unique in terms of originality and  quality. In the recent past, the role of leading companies in the sector has seen its weight grow hand in hand with  the market internationalization process. The growing importance of large  brands confirms that of small compa- nies which contribute to enlivening a  supply chain rich in skills and entrepreneurial spirit.» Universally recognized craftsmanship, the ability to do  business and keep up with the times, in design and innovation. The road is marked out and the time is right. Carpe diem!

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