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Vicenzaoro Highlights, January 2023: Jewelry between Reality and Fiction

During the Dreamscapes talk curated by Trendvision, the two founders of New York City Jewelry Week talked about the opportunities for making a jewel live between two parallel worlds

As always, a stage with an international allure that of Trendvision,  whose direction is always in the hands of the great connoisseur Paola De Luca, who yesterday led us to discover the meaning of "dreamscaping". That is that tendency to seek distraction and  relief from reality, seeking refuge in fantasy. Is all this possible in jewelry? We  talked about it with Bella Neyman and JB Jones, co-founders of New York City Jewelry Week.

Have you ever been to Vicenzaoro before? What do you expect from this show and how do you feel with Italian jewelry design? 
This is our first time attending Vicenzaoro, and we are incredibly excited.  Italian jewelry is rooted in history and tradition, intricate goldwork and micro mosaics so I would imagine that we will see a lot of this type of work. However we have come to see that Italian jewelry can  also be incredibly avant-garde with artists who are interested in breaking free  from the traditional confines, and creating work that is sculptural and bold, and even moving away from traditional materials - so we are excited to see both of these dichotomies presented.

In which direction is jewelry going  now, and which are the new "boundaries" and directions? 
Reality and fiction are being redefined in  the jewelry sector. With the growing interest in Web3, NFT’s and the metaverse,  there are new “realities” being defined.

Is virtual jewelry any less real than the jewelry you are wearing right now?
It depends on how you define what’s real. The jewelers who are blurring the lines between the various worlds we inhabit  now, are the one’s carving a very interesting new direction and breaking boundaries - these experimentations are really  exciting to see.

You are the founders of a format really innovative and contemporary. How was it born and which is the profile of  artists and designers that can participate? Is it open to International  designers or it is mainly focused on American ones? 
NYC Jewelry Week was created as a celebration of jewelry in NYC - an opportunity to introduce to consumers all of  the talented jewelers in NYC. It is a citywide festival with jewelry exhibitions,  talks, and retail events taking place  throughout the city. It's an International city we welcome the participation of  international designers - those living here and those from other parts of the world, especially since we have a virtual  component as well. Artists and design- ers can apply to participate through our  online application.

What young people see in jewelry and look for a piece of jewel?
Young people are looking for jewelry that  speaks to who they are, but it’s not nec- essarily deeply rooted - this could simply  mean defining a mood, representing  the cultural climate, or capturing a moment. The young have their eyes on individuality and their interest in jewelry  isn’t necessarily about materials, crafts- manship or tradition in today’s shifting  and uncertain landscape. We are on the precipice of so many cultural shifts, that  coming into one’s own is more important than ever, and if history teaches us  anything, jewelry is always a great representation of self, even if fleeting.

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