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Vicenzaoro Highlights, January 2024: Made in Italy Accoring to Mariella Milani

The well-known Italian fashion journalist talks about the social and aesthetic changes of the past 70 years: a valuable past to hand down the values of our “know-how” to new generations

The fashion and costume journalist Mariella Milani was the first guest speaker at last Saturday’s event entitled “Preservation: celebrating the values of Made in Italy for future legacy,” moderated by Paola De Luca and organized by her Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting - IEG's independent Observatory. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Vicenzaoro show, Rai's historic personality, currently also highly followed by the Internet population, gave the audience at the Palladio Theater a profound and engaging account of the changes that have taken place in Italian society from 1954 to present day. «There is no future without the past and if the future is artificial intelligence, we will have to be able to turn a new technology into an opportunity. Just 70 years ago, Fulvia Colombo announced the birth of Italian TV; today, tori italiani è entrato almeno una volta in gioielleria e ha acquistato gioielli (sia offline che online). La percentuale scende al 20,5% per coloro che sono entrati in gioielleria ma non hanno effettuato acquisti. Inoltre, il 27,5% dei consumatori che hanno acquistato almeno un gioiello negli ultimi tre anni ha effettuato l’acquisto di un diamante. communication is a database of platforms that transmit images and messages that are often difficult to decode in order to understand the times we live in, made up of wars, climate crises (and new, not always reliable, influencers-ambassadors). Thinking about tomorrow, we should be more aware of the excellence we have been able to create, thanks to our enormous desire to get things done, in order to be able to defend the prestige we have so painstakingly won.» Milani's vision is wide, and she has always been devoted to telling the truth in all its subtleties, even the most unpleasant. And some of her statements about made in Italy today were unpleasant but true. «The outlines of the future before us are uncertain and difficult to decode, everything can be misrepresented. How can we talk concretely and realistically about what we are experiencing? We need to communicate properly. Today’s world of communication demands a fair, authentic and transparent report. Consumers and followers are not fools who buy into anything. They understand the real interest behind things. Through my work, I demonstrate how much people need values. It's time to focus on the extraordinary values of Made in Italy, which is the oil of this country, even if sometimes we have not been able to drill into the wells. If we are able to systematize, collaborate, create real networks, then we can pass it on to the future.»

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