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Vicenzaoro Highlights, September 2023: Vicenza and Dubai, City of Gold

Two strategic hubs to celebrate and share an economic as well a historical and cultural jewelry renaissance between West and East, as explained by Maria Loretta De Toni

  • Maria Loretta De Toni

    Maria Loretta De Toni

The Dubai Gold & Jewelry Trade Awards ceremony, an event that strengthens the decades-long partnership between Dubai City of Gold and Vicenzaoro, was a chance to meet Maria Loretta De Toni, founder and president of the Maria De Toni jewelry company, who collaborated with Italian Exhibition Group in the event’s organization. Since the year 2000, Maria Loretta De Toni has been engaged in a roadmap to celebrate and share the Golden Renaissance of Eastern and Western Jewelry, relaunching the identity of Italian goldsmith culture and craftsmanship. «It is no coincidence that the award ceremony took place during the show,» she explains. «We want to nurture the friendship between Vicenza and Dubai, two cities of gold, with the aim of creating a bond of mutual support, an interexchange that will enhance the JGT Dubai show, scheduled for February 2024. The Dubai hub is structured to be an international export point through Made in Italy jewelry. Vicenza, with Vicenzaoro, whose collaboration is fundamental in this project, is a showcase that will grow increasingly stronger internationally and become the world’s Italian jewelry hub.» Maria Loretta De Toni directly explains that this collaboration should be interpreted by extending the boundaries beyond “simple” trade exchanges. «The key aspect of the Vicenza/Dubai relationship is to work on the cultural perspective that is the heart of Italy, because culture is the result of sedimentation, of the ability to understand the country’s matrices. Jewelry is a historical Italian unicum; jewelry has always had a deeply-rooted identity value. It is an enduring asset, a symbol of eternity, and it never loses value over time. This sector, being truly 100% made in Italy, must be relaunched within a very broad vision. I am trying to convey this shared mission to the new generations because eternity also derives from passing the baton.»

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