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Vicenzaoro September 2021: Claudia Piaserico Focuses on Training

Elected President of Federorafi for the four-year period 2021-2024, Claudia Piaserico is focusing on the young to raise their interest in jewelry through culture, and communication

  • Claudia Piaserico, President of Federorafi

    Claudia Piaserico, President of Federorafi

«Re-starting from Vicenzaoro means a great deal to the industry and "The State of the Art", the concept of this edition, perfectly interprets the spirit with which companies are conducting their business activities. Being here is an extremely important sign: it is a message of recovery and alignment for a sector that is already bringing in positive results, thanks, obviously, to the companies that have done their part. By showing a capacity to face and live with a pandemic situation, companies have managed to organize themselves quickly in order to be present on the market with new systems and tools, and by finding their own way in terms of digitization. As for priorities, among the many commitments awaiting me in a historical moment of re-launch, our main objective is to make our profession popular among the younger generations again and, consequently, offer them the tools to be able to practice it. We are speaking about a highly important part of our country’s culture that we are at risk of losing but which, instead, still has a lot to offer to the new generations. Together with these young people, we must promote Italian savoir faire which, at every level, from high artisanship to finished product, using the most modern and sophisticated technologies, continues to stimulate the dreams of consumers all over the world. Culture, training and communication: these are the three macro areas that are fundamental for our re-launch and for which I have requested specific delegations. Young people must re-discover the desire to work with us and, for this reason, it is essential to know how to communicate the many different souls of jewelry companies, from jewelry stores to jewelry manufacturers and those that make alloys. Italy boasts three extensive and wonderful gold districts. Why look elsewhere for people we could potentially find here? We have to create the conditions for youngsters and their families to know what this profession involves and spread social culture so that families, first and foremost, understand what our world is able to offer. This is the only way we will manage to get people dreaming again. Culture and communication are then joined by the theme of legality and corporate reputation, which is not just a question of respecting internal regulations, but also of informing people about which companies work and operate in full respect of the social system. We have to make sure that our products continue to be excellently manufactured and proceed along the innovative course they have been on for at least 15 years as well as consistently being full of new content. Not only in their appearance but also along all the production process: from the raw material to the jeweler and even on to the product’s end of life. The world and the new generations have requirements and, rightly so, important expectations: they want an item of jewelry to be beautiful but also full of culture. They want a product is ethically healthy and responsible towards people and the environment. We are well able to respect these requirements and, I believe, we can even go beyond them.»

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