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Vicenzaoro September 2021: First Step, Recover the Metals

Omar Antonio Cescut, Commercial Communication and MKT Director of B.T.T. Italia, gives his impressions on this first September edition of T.Gold

  • Omar Antonio Cescut, Commercial Communication and MKT Director of B.T.T. Italia

    Omar Antonio Cescut, Commercial Communication and MKT Director of B.T.T. Italia

B.T.T. Italia, part of the LEM Industries holding, had already been an exhibitor at T. Gold. Have you found any news in the sector?
Among the 160 companies, at least a dozen were at their first participation; it was therefore nice to deal with new realities and understand that something is moving. I’m talking about innovations born on existing processes and equipment, improvements mainly due to digital technologies. If, on the other hand, I have to make a constructive observation on the organization, I would like the part dedicated to startups to see a greater participation of the technological ones, not just those specializing in design and finished products.
Have you had any contact with buyers from new markets? Having the opportunity to exhibit alongside jewellery companies and no longer in a separate pavilion has certainly helped our sector, in particular in making us known by buyers with whom we had never got in touch. The real difference from the other editions lies in the approach of individuals: many of them had got informed about us and our precious metal recovery technologies. While other times they just used to come and visit us almost by chance, simply because they were looking for novelty, this time they have been interlocutors with very clear ideas. It is therefore clear that, in this pandemic period, companies have found the time to look for their future partners, and this is good because many of the appointments have then been successful.

Where do the buyers mainly come from? We have had new contacts with agents from Lebanon, Chile, Romania and Uzbekistan. These countries are making their first steps in terms of sustainability, but they are already moving in this direction. Vicenzaoro and T. Gold together have always been an excellent sounding board, and the fact that they were the first events to restart has actually made the difference. In addition, as B.T.T. and LEM, we are moving quite well in digital communication, which helps a lot to broaden our range of action.

Have you found a diversification in the requests from buyers, based on the country of origin? Our machines meet the criteria of sustainability and circularity, and the rich economies focus above all on these issues. Among these economies, we find the Italian companies, who are increasingly sensitive to items like energy saving. The poorer ones instead look more to the production indices, including the level of performance of machinery, or how many kilos of gold they can recover.

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