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Vicenzaoro September 2021: Gemology Women Icons

Today, Saturday 11th September, at 11.30 am, on the Main Stage in Hall 7, an all-female panel, organized by Assogemme in collaboration with IGI- Italian Gemological Institute, will be debating the future of gemology

  • Paolo Cesari - President of Assogemme

    Paolo Cesari - President of Assogemme

A talk born from the desire for an open debate on stones, gemology and all those intangible values that make skill and experience the cardinal points of this sector. The discussion, which will be held this morning at 11.30 in Hall 1, will host Raffaella Ascagni, Head Gemologist at Buccellati, Loredana Sangiovanni, Gemologist Director and Collection Coordinator Fine Jewelry & Time Pieces Division at Dolce & Gabbana, Loredana Prosperi, Analysis Laboratory Manager at IGI–Italian Gemological Institute, and Vittoria Carandini, High Jewellery Expert at Damiani Group. Opening the talks will be Claudia Piaserico, President of Federorafi Confindustria – the National Federation of Goldsmiths, Silversmiths, Jewelers and Manufacturers - and Paolo Cesari, President of Assogemme – the Italian Association of Precious Stones and Similar Items. «Assogemme» explains President Paolo Cesari, «has always supported recognizing companies that base their production and design in Italy, contrary to the progressive and rapid success of companies that operate with dubious modalities and according to unclear criteria. That’s why there is a need to set up projects aimed at the sector’s ethical development, such as “The Ethical Committee of colored stones” overseen by Guido Grassi Damiani, which includes some of the top players in the luxury jewelry system, as well as qualified gemologists, producers and authoritative figures from the academic and scientific world. The challenge is being able to touch every link in the supply chain in order to establish an ethical code that would support all the operators involved in the production of colored gems in accordance with the requirements of social responsibility. From here the need for an inclusive and multi-stakeholder approach: a road that is anything but easy, but one we believe in, thanks also to the emergence of new generations of professionals with high-quality training. Skills and training that are very often acquired in international environments, fueled by a passion that can transform into powerful creative strength and act as a change-driver, sometimes, although not necessarily, inherited by gaining experience in historical family businesses, the pride and joy of Italian know-how.» The Gemology Women Icons Talk is organized with the sponsorship of Fondazione Mani Intelligenti and CIBJO - The World Jewelry Confederation.

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