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Voodoo Jewels Launches Make Your Own Voodoo

Last week in Rome, designer Livia Lazzari presented the new configurator for creating customized Voodoo Jewels

A 3-day event to unveil Make Your Own Voodoo, the new configurator with which to create your own personalized jewel

Livia Lazzari, founder of Voodoo Jewels, has always conceived her jewelry as talismans able to reflect everyone’s individual style and personality and now she has taken a further step in this direction by making them totally unique. As of Friday 20th October, Make Your Own Voodoo, an innovative configurator, has been available on  VoodooJewels.com created by the Like You web design agency, that allows anyone to personalize their online purchase. Characterizing a ring involves 3 aspects: design, size and material. The models available are Agwe, Damballa and Niral and the number of stones to be applied depends on which of the 3 designs is chosen. Of the 6 sizes, one of 3 materials can be selected: gold-plated silver and 18kt silver or gold. «The Make Your Own Voodoo experience is not meant to be a moment of revelation but more of a time for listening and self-discovery. Creating a jewel will raise questions rather than look for solutions, thus representing the first step towards self-understanding», said Livia Lazzari. Creatively involving the customer aims to plot a new path of exploration and awareness so that anyone can design their own Voodoo, a jewel that reflects the nature of the wearer. The configurator was launched in Rome during an event organized in collaboration with Bla studio on 20th, 21st and 22nd October at Magazzini Cereria, a charming location in the heart of Trastevere. Guests were able to consult Barbara Ea tut Ba, an expert in crystals and their properties, in order to choose the stones with which to personalize one of the three models in the Fine Jewelry collection.

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