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“WE”, the New Pendant from Fair Line

Fair Line is launching “WE”, a new pendant symbolizing union, strength and solidarity to make us reflect on the intrinsic meaning of the word

The whole of humanity united and preserved in a jewel. “WE”, the new pendant by Fair Line, is the result of a special project, devised in March 2020 with the onset of the lockdown, which took shape over the difficult past year. The "Meaningful Object Project", as it is called, is an inclusive initiative that proves how values like globality, collaboration and connection can lead to uplifting and highly significant results.  The company involved international partners to create something that could hand down the principles of union and solidarity through time. «The original idea to develop the project came from Fair Line’s work team and was later supervised and brought to completion by Martina Battocchio. Our international partners contributed enthusiastically, especially during the brainstorming phase, expressing their feelings during the lockdown and sometimes sending us pictures,», says owner Gabriella Centomo who has always aimed at having a global work team in order to enhance cultural differences. In this way, a profoundly meaningful pendant came into being, where every detail has a precise purpose. Designed in 14-carat yellow gold but also available in 18-carat, its spherical shape represents the globe with two different aspects: one side shows the real part of the world, made up of the planet’s surfaces and the various depths of its ocean waters, ably interpreted by semi-precious milky aquamarine, a semi-precious opaque stone in natural shades of light blue. The other side, however, depicts hands clasped together, a symbol of solidarity between human beings. Precious yet, at the same time, versatile and simple for anyone to wear at any occasion, the pendant is completed with a round diamond-polished chain to embellish and illuminate it even further. A pair of matching, slightly smaller earrings complete the set.

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