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XOX: Art&sofT’s Phygital Solutions

Omni-channeling and a one-to-one approach are the keywords of the suite created to support jewelry stores in all they on- and off-line activities

The acronym XOX devised by Art&sofT stands for Xtra-Ordinary Xperience. And, when we speak of a series of integrated solutions designed specifically for the high-range world, an extraordinary experience is exactly what it is. Art&sofT’s XOX platform is a complete suite that supports jewelers in all their managerial and commercial activities: a veritable Business tool! An operational “partner” able to make all the needs of a jewelry store simple to achieve with practical, effective and fast solutions. Omni-channeling and a one-to-one approach are the key words of a new integrated management experience made up of interconnected tools: from customer profiling with advanced and personalizable data to the management of estimates, repairs, documentation and warehouse stock, to sales statistics and ERP management systems, integrated CRMs and much, much more. Through one single web-based software, the jeweler can accompany the customers on an authentic “phygital” journey in which the virtual and physical worlds merge easily and punctually. Whether it is the first access in the boutique or the first visit on the e-commerce website, every action can be followed up with personalized marketing operations specifically suited to the needs of individual customers, thus creating a more intimate and valuable engagement with each and every one, also by means of instant messaging. «These days, consumers no longer buy just products, they also think very highly of the experience that their purchase, and everything around it, gives them,» explains the agency, which has been specializing in the high-range world for over twenty years. «XOX, with a careful eye on the needs of the current experience economy and through an X-live integrated video-conference system, offers the jewelry store the chance to take its customers on an unprecedented, thrilling and interactive experiential journey.»

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