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XOX by Art&sofT: A New Phygital Partner

With the XOX suite, the rules of phygital marketing enter the jewelry world to offer more complete and strategic business opportunities

Only two years ago, the idea of “omni-channeling” seemed to belong to the future, now we can safely say that that future is already here.  And it has arrived in the form of a word that has become a must, phygital, or rather, physical plus digital, the synergistic union of the online and offline worlds: a veritable strategy that, applied to product sales, goes by the name of phygital marketing.

The digital agency Art&sofT has transformed this concept, which in the world of jewelry might still seem abstract, into real tools with a series of integrated solutions designed and developed specifically for the high-end segment: the XOX suite is, in fact, a complete package of all the tools needed to support the jeweler in online and offline activities. A true ally that, however, is not merely limited to creating excellent online experiences but also extends customer-centric processes to the physical store windows, creating an integrated ecosystem in which the physical world and the digital dimension coexist in perfect harmony. 

«A phygital marketing strategy is now more crucial than ever for constructing a complete customer experience because contemporary consumers no longer just buy a product, but demand a real experience that will allow them to enjoy that purchase with involvement and emotion,» the agency explains. If phygital marketing offers a solution to keep pace with the evolving needs of consumers, synchronizing and optimizing offline and online activities is definitely a task that requires professional support. With XOX, Art&sofT offers itself as a strategic partner to make these activities fluid and easy to manage: a real Xtra-Ordinary Xperience to be lived every day.

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