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XOX Jewelry Sales Platform: One Software, Many Capabilities

Presented during the recent edition of Vicenzaoro, the latest technological proposal from Art&SofT is called XOX Jewelry Sales Platform: a modern, all-in-one solution designed to optimize the jewelry business.

«A specific application, which in theory does everything but always has room for new developments.» This was how Danilo Alagi - CEO of Art&SofT - introduced the XOX Jewelry Sales Platform. The digital agency, famous for skillfully applying the rules of phygital marketing to the world of jewelry with the aim of offering a more innovative and strategic business opportunity, presented its latest software release during the recent edition of Vicenzaoro, held from 17th to 21st March 2022.

The XOX Jewelry Sales Platform is an all-in-one platform, developed with the most cutting-edge technologies and optimized for high-end jewelry shops. In a single web-based environment, it groups together the different functionalities that are usually managed with several specific types of software. Explained in simple words, the great potential of this product, which operates in an extremely broad analytical field, is based on the concept of being able to obtain all kinds of information in real time: from stock in the warehouse and incoming orders to customer preferences and the customer’s navigation history on the website. A veritable “control panel” from which the owner of a jewelry store can manage everything needed to maximize sales, even going so far as to create personalized experiences for each customer through one-to-one actions. «Our experience and know-how in the high-end sector have resulted in a ready-pack in terms of configuration formula and price because it can adapt to all business needs,» Alagi concluded as he also revealed the project's additional aspirations. «We are experimenting with integrating artificial intelligence at every level in order to educate it towards the specific needs of high-end and then integrate it into our solutions,» a statement that proves Art&SofT's great vocation for constant evolution. 

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