A Far-sighted Vision

Investing in high-development projects, evaluating partnership opportunities and collaborating with prestigious brands is Orchidea Preziosi's strategy

For more than thirty years, the Arezzo-based company has been specializing in the production of stamped clasps. Being "a company at the service of other companies", Orchidea Preziosi has always developed its own line of semi-finished products, including magnetic, finished and galvanized clasps. To be precise, the company produces specific articles in gold and silver in accordance with its customers’ designs, thus offering a targeted response to the sector’s needs. Furthermore, by using modern customized lasers, it is able to cut, engrave and diamond polish every specific thickness for the gold and jewelry market and, using numerically controlled milling machines, can cut even the largest thicknesses with high-level finishing. The pieces produced have very few flaws and, as a result, cleaning and finishing process times are optimal.

Orchidea Preziosi

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