A scanner for diamonds

Precision and technology are keywords at Ernst&Friends GmbH which is introducing two new machines

The German company, Ernst & Friends GmbH, is a partner for jewelry and watch wholesalers. The company’s many skills include offering fast and reliable targeted consultancy services. Two of the latest products designed and already on the market are the Practec® G202 Gram Scale, with various weighing capacities and easy calibration, including a deburring-proof platform and protective cover for safer transportation, and the SmartPro® Aura Diamond, CVD, HPHT Analyser, the first Synthetic Diamond Scanner that can automatically screen mounted jewelry but can also be used to test loose stones with various test results such as Natural Diamond, CVD Synthetic Diamond, HPHT Synthetic Diamond, Cubic zirconia (CZ) and also screen earth mine colorless diamond (Color D to K). This smart Scanner has unique features to show the estimated diameter size (mm) and counting of each stone and also auto-generates the test certificate result.

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