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Ernst & Friends offers customized services. And a wide range of cutting-edge products, focusing on quality and speed, reliability and experience

Thanks to a highly specialized team, Ernst & Friends responds to the various needs of its numerous customers with customized projects and innovative products. These include, StartPro Optimum, the first and only handheld CVD/HPHT Diamond Multi-tester designed to identify natural diamond, CVD/HPHT and all types of Moissanite in various shapes and carat weight from 0,015 to 10ct, for colorless to faint (D-M) polished diamonds, loose and mounted stones; Prac-Tec G-202 Gram Scale with dual capacity 200 g x 0,01 – 250 g x 0,1g, calibration weight included, complete with a convenient zippered soft case; customized microfiber products, e.g. high quality polishing cloths and gloves with individual logos printed or embossed personal logos, ideal as gifts.

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