Aimed at the warmest countries

Novagum’s Mark I silicone compound has been created to be transported even in hot climates

Novagum, which always aims to offer technological innovations meant to improve the tools available to those that work with gold and jewelry, came up with a new silicone compound in 2019 meant to be used in countries with hot climates. In these countries, it is not possible to transport “low-temperature” silicone compounds via ship container because vulcanization would occur. Therefore, clients in these countries must opt for other products. In order to combat this problem, Novagum has come up with a highly innovative material that didn’t exist on the market before. This silicone compound, which was created after various stress tests, is able to take on the extremely high temperatures during ship transport thanks to a special polymer. It gets to the jeweler in pristine condition. It has been given the name Mark I.

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