Aseg Galloni

Aseg Galloni is a well-established and successful company: 21,000 casting machines sold in 45 countries worldwide and more than 5,000 casting machines for dental applications sold in Germany alone. Design, production, sales and after-sales activities are carried out at our modern premises in San Colombano al Lambro which houses the micro-casting school where we offer, together with our highly popular and successful casting machinery, technology training courses. The current range of equipment produced in Aseg includes:
● electronic induction vacuum and pressure casting machines;
● electronic centrifugal casting machines with or without vacuum;
● static furnaces with tilting feature to produce sheets and wires;
The owners, desirous for modernity, have invested in technology and modernized some casting machines, not only to meet the needs of 4.0 industry but also to collect casting process data. Once analyzed and interpreted, these data lead to clear improvements in the production process. Moreover, our technicians can communicate remotely with the casting machine to send software updates or identify any function anomalies, thus avoiding unproductive machinery downtime.


Aseg Galloni
Via Don Luigi Sturzo, 20 - 20078 San Colombano al Lambro (MI) - Italy
Tel. +39 0371 200233 -

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