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Auroform Monolith: less Gold, more Creativity

Among the various jewelry producing techniques, electroforming is the most affordable and sustainable, especially in times of record precious metal prices. Here’s a brief outline of the advantages offered by Nutec International’s latest ideas

2020 will be remembered as a record year for precious metal prices, particularly gold, with peaks that have changed the balances of the international market. It is therefore more interesting than ever to investigate into the technologies that can offer significant savings in the quantities of gold used to produce jewelry. Among those that lead to creating jewelry with similar designs, there are electroforming and casting, the last one which, in turn, can be subdivided into micro-fusion and electro-fusion casting, in other words, 3D printing using metal powders. The differences between these techniques emerge when comparing the weights of the items produced. In fact, an electroformed object would weigh three times more if it were produced with electro-fusion and even five times more if micro-fusion were adopted. If the comparison is then extended to molding and tube processing, what overwhelmingly emerges is that, with these mechanical techniques, the design rendering is also limited compared to a more or less infinite range of complex shapes that can be created with electroforming. And in this case too, the significantly reduced weight of the product is what urges using this practice, with a 20 to 40% saving in precious metal. The result? Larger yet comfortable-to-wear jewelry due to the contained weight and no limit to design creativity. Not to mention that using less gold lowers the affordability threshold for jewelry buyers and, consequently, extends the size of the potential market. 

Taking electroforming to a higher level is Nutec International, an enterprise generated by uniting the know-how of two historical companies - LTC Caoduro in Vicenza and GAB in Arezzo. Nutec offers the market Auroform Monolith, the most advanced and currently the only system In the world in this field that makes industrial electroforming automation easy and technically available even for those with no experience or specific skill. Moreover, it also guarantees maximum precision in terms of precious metal grammage and a perfect distribution of the metal. All with absolute repeatability, 4.0 automation, scrap metal retrieval inside the machine itself, a considerable reduction in environmental impact with less toxic element waste and greater safety for the machine operator.

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