Automatic Wax Injection

High production volumes, reduced times and excellent results with RiaceWax's Automatic Belt System

Automatic Belt System is RiaceWax's answer to the ever-increasing demand for process automation that guarantees high production volumes, reduced times and excellent results. The machine performs the entire cycle in complete autonomy, from loading the injection parameters to unloading onto the cooling plate. The characteristic horizontal loading conveyor, unlike the vertical cartridge machine, does not allow different molds to overlap and guarantees the possibility of positioning up to twenty molds of different sizes with no chance of them sticking together. The only job the operator has to do is extract the wax without the need of being synchronized with the machine, thus avoiding idle moments and guaranteeing a continuous cycle. As with the other injectors in the Intuitive range, Automatic Belt System's Android interface enables connection to the company network and the possibility of managing production orders remotely, making this machine compatible with the latest Industry 4.0 requirements. Originality and the continuous search for innovation have once again led to a result that consolidates and confirms the RiaceWax® philosophy of always being projected towards the future.

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