Automation and technology

These are the two pillars on which G.B. F.lli Bertoncello is based today

After 60 years of experience, G.B. F.lli Bertoncello, a global leader in the design and manufacture of furnaces for the jewelry sector and beyond, is still offering innovative and state-of-the-art models, always putting quality first. Automation and technology are the two concepts that the company wants to promote at T. Gold 2023.Techno, the annealing furnace, perfectly represents the company. In fact, thanks to the servo pusher, the furnace becomes automatic even during the loading and material handling phase, making the cycle completely automatic. Another new feature is the upgrading of the Linx continuous annealing furnace which now boasts a touchscreen application. The PLC can check the temperature, set up and save the working parameters thus ensuring a repetitive and constant treatment over time. Finally, with the new Industry 4.0 Ready, production progress and data on manufactured products will be viewable remotely.

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