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Automation, the mission for Masterix

Automation that makes your life easier

The company expansion has allowed us to develop a complete line that can provide customers with top-notch service and unparalleled quality: Masterinject, Master- cool and Mastermould. But our research did not stop here. 2020 will be dedicated to automation. All our manual systems have been upgraded, elevating production and quality: guadanteed quality that distinguishes us all over the world. Masterix’s goal is to provide customers with the latest technology that facilitates the work of the operator, improving it and making easier to use yet maintaining high standards. One of our new innovations is the auto-start system. Through sensors ap- plied to a clamp, injections are automated, making it unnecessary to press start. This system speeds up operations, saving up to 3 seconds per injection cycle. The system is able to eliminate waste, increasing production and user errors are minimized, making the injector suitable for any level of experience. The RFID reading and writ- ing system – managed directly by 7-inch industrial touch screen – is also included.
Our line of hot and cold vulcanizers is also completely automatic. The VLC-180 hot vulcanizer is equipped with a piston that reaches up to 3000 kg of pressure, and a vacuum pump to improve performance. Everything is operated and managed by a touch screen. What does not change is the quality of our all Italian-made products. The search for innovative materials is carried out with the support of reliable companies, leaders for many years in their field. Masterix is known for its vision, which favors the development and growth of the Italian expertise that distinguishes us and is recognized worldwide. January 17- 22, we’ll be introducing our new products at our stand no.213 in the tech pavilion.

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