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Berkem: New Chromatic Expression for Traditional Electroplating

The sector leader launches two lines of products: ENALOR and CATAFOR, cold enamels and cataphoretic lacquers for greater creative expression in fashion jewelry

Can technological precision support or actually better express the thousand potentialities of a creative mind? If we are talking about fashion and jewelry combined, and if the experience of a galvanic sector leader such as Berkem is involved, the answer is yes. With the ever-increasing demand for personalized color imposed by the fashion world, the need to offer new products able to satisfy an infinite range of variables has become imperative for those who, like Berkem, strive for excellence and customer satisfaction. And so, technology has been placed at the service of designers and stylists with the launching of two lines of specific products onto the market: ENALOR cold bicomponent enamels and CATAFOR cataphoretic lacquers. 

ENALOR cold bicomponent enamels stand out for the hardness and brightness of the deposit, which can be polished, lapped or laser-marked. The application can be done by brush or with special syringes, while drying is possible at room temperature or in a fan oven. Due to these features, ENALOR is suitable for the most varied surface shapes, has a wide range of mixable colors, excellent adhesion to the metal base and extreme resistance to wear. 

CATAFOR, on the other hand, is a special resin-based acrylic coating suitable for all conductive metal surfaces and ideal for decorative use thanks to an endless range of color. The transparent version, available in both high and low thicknesses, provides an excellent protective barrier against oxidation while maintaining the surface color. The CATAFOR line stands out for high resistance to corrosion, solvents, water and household chemicals, has a uniform translucent appearance and extreme surface hardness.

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