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The "Taumac method": integrating customized vision systems and software to get the best out of laser machines

Not just high-quality lasers. Based in Romano d'Ezzelino in the province of Vicenza, Taumac pushes the boundaries of perfection by developing ever faster and more intuitive vision systems to meet every need in the jewelry industry. Pattern matching, live cameras, optical lenses with the option of high-resolution backlighting, 3D marking heads and systems combined with robots are some of the company’s flagship technologies. To make the most of laser technology, high-performance vision systems must be developed and the demands for production process flexibility and automation must be met. It is becoming increasingly evident that the human eye and manual dexterity are not sufficient to produce marking perfect enough to meet the standards and rhythms of the jewelry market. That is why Taumac invests energy in optimizing the technology it integrates into its laser marking, engraving, cutting and welding machines every day. The various skills have led to producing machines such as the latest generation W10 R6 PICO marking station. Its software has been developed and optimized in such a way as to achieve laser marking and engraving in automated positions. When you ask the machine to automatically center one or more forms or pattern match, the recognition system memorizes the forms so that marking can be done automatically without having to align objects on the work surface. Taumac machines have a camera vision of up to 90x70 mm and, thanks to the 10 Megapixel camera, high-precision marking, even on large quantities, can be achieved without the need to insert fixtures or templates. By installing the Reverse Engineering license and placing the element on the backlit surface, a DXF file can be generated from the camera acquisition result as well as curved lines for marking and/or cutting flat objects.

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