Custodians of Sustainability

Filippo Finocchi, Business Development Manager - Precious Metals at Legor Group S.p.A., talks about the added value of the Chain of Custody, which certifies the use of 100% recycled precious metals

  • Filippo Finocchi

    Filippo Finocchi

One of the ever more pressing macro- trends in any sector, especially in manufacturing, is sustainability, not only in terms of supply, but across the entire board, in other words, at every stage of the production process, including factors such as the working environment and the relationship between employer and employee. And not even the jewelry sector is impervious to this new approach to the system. Mining is one of the most environmentally invasive sectors, so reducing this impact on the environment is of utmost importance. One of the simplest methods is to recycle the raw material, so that, instead of extracting it from the ground, the already processed material is put back into circulation. The precious metals used by Legor Group SpA come exclusively from recycled sources since they are obtained from industrial component and jewelry/ silverware scrap, plating solution recovery or disinvestment. Legor guarantees the origin of the post-consumer material from which the precious metals used within the parent company are obtained. The material can be sourced from different countries - mainly in Europe, North America and South East Asia - depending on availability and on the condition that traceability is guaranteed according to the 2019 Code of Practices. CoC stands for Chain of Custody and it is thanks to this certification that we are able to guarantee the integrity and document every single step, from source to retail, of the entire production chain. The CoC standard defines the requirements for creating the chain of custody of precious metals, from sourcing to the end consumer, ensuring that the various stages, from processing to marketing, are carried out responsibly. Every subject along the CoC applies the principles and requirements of the standard, which are then checked at regular intervals by independent auditing companies accredited by the Responsible Jewellery Council. Every part of the chain is traced by means of a Transfer Document and thanks to CoC certification, we are able to trace every single step of precious metals within our production chain.

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