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Cutting-edge technology for tomorrow's challenges

Topcast, always in step with the times, offers optimized solutions for leading sectors such as additive manufacturing using metal powders and continuous vacuum casting

While in terms of metal powder production, the Tuscan company has long been supplying for specific solutions for each type of application and metal alloy, in recent years it has been focusing on proposing compact gas atomizers for the production of oxygen-free and spheroidal powders for jewelry, ready to be used in the various Additive Manufacturing technologies (AM), such as Selective Laser Melting SLM, Electron Beam Melting EBM, Metal Binder Jetting and Direct Energy Deposition DED. Topcast is able to offer stand-alone systems equipped with an integrated suction system, filter and powder collection cycle and equipped with crucibles of various sizes. At the same time, Topcast has been developing numerous vacuum continuous casting solutions for precious metals used in fields such as jewelry, clothing, fashion accessories, as well as and other less common alloys for use in industrial bronzes, brazing metals, eutectic alloys, etc. The main advantage of Topcast TCC machines is that the casting is done in an oxygen-free atmosphere thanks to the rapid achievement of a high vacuum in the casting chamber (-900 mbar) followed by washing with inert gas (Gas Wash Purge© procedure). Furthermore, the casting process is fully automatic with digital control of all process parameters (temperatures, traction speeds, cooling water flow around the die, even the initial position of the dummy bar...). All our TMA and TCC models meet Industry 4.0 requirements and are equipped with a Data Logger so that process variables can be sampled in both numerical and graphic form, offering an off-line reporting program capable of carrying out specific analyses for traceability and quality control.

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