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Doma Automation Invents the Smart Professional Photo Studio within Everyone’s Reach

Refined design and cutting-edge technology for ALO Photo Sphere, D-Imaging and Photo Shot, a device able to create perfect images and videos for the jewelry industry

The digital world has undeniably undergone a year of immense growth and revolution and photography has not just been watching from the side-lines. Quite the opposite. Knowing how to propose your own product online with images that enhance it has proved to be fundamental for its success, sometimes even for keeping the business going. The idea of developing the ideal devices for jewelry, for creating catalogs, technical info sheets, presentations and social content with extreme high-quality resolution, in various formats and different effects arose from this “new” need. ALO Photo Sphere is the “sphere” within which a professional photo or video can be created while D-Imaging focuses on photos of stones that can capture even the tiniest imperfections and subtleties that make each gem unique. Two technologies devised in-house by Doma Automation thanks to CEO, Marco Carboni’s love for his profession as the company’s developer and programmer with a particular focus on visual and the art of photography. The latest addition is ALO Photo Shot, a compact version of “sphere” suitable for images taken only with a smartphone. Avant-garde ideas that the CEO sums up as follows: “With the development of the digital world and the need to carry out sales activities remotely, we thought it would be interesting to develop this new support and we are already receiving numerous requests from regular and potential customers that are increasingly more interested in this new frontier. One of the latest projects we did was to create an authentic console to develop online product sales through call conferences with the possibility of taking shots from various angles.”

  • Marco Carboni

    Marco Carboni

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