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Experts from the leading company in precious metal science, are launching a free-of- charge series of webinars on metallurgy and chemistry. To keep ahead even during a pandemic

Red gold alloys, productive systems with reduced emissions and waste, 10 things to know about metallurgy, 50 shades of silver… These are just some of the topics that will be tackled every Wednesday, from now until 26th May, by a team of experts from Legor Group, which, in pandemic times, has decided to reshape its training offer in a digital key. And so, easy e-learning, not only accessible to everyone but also free of charge. Just go to the link below, enroll and take part in webinars focused on the latest news in metallurgical and chemical R&D. Next up on the calendar, on Wednesday,14th April, is Fulvio Sinisi, R&D Technical Specialist Plating, and Martino Gardan, R&D and Product Manager Plating, who will center the debate on E-Coating with the relative techniques and implementation advantages. New solutions in “white gold” production, with focus on low nickel-release and nickel-free formulas, will, instead, be the topics under discussion on 28th April with Andrea Friso, R&D and Product Manager Master Alloy, and Antonio Poliero, Head of Sales and Technical Support. The same “coaches” will be back for the webinar scheduled for 26th May appealingly entitled: “50 shades of silver: Legor’s premium silver line.”

Dates and times of webinar sessions in English:
 HYPERLINK "https://www.legor.com/en-us/news/events

  • Andrea Friso

    Andrea Friso

  • Antonio Poliero

    Antonio Poliero

  • Fulvio Sinisi

    Fulvio Sinisi

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